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3. Decision process

3. Decision process

3. Decision process

Once the club’s application has been received, the FSIF undertakes a robust assessment procedure. This starts with the FSIF Grant Manager and Technical Project Manager for that club’s region: they complete an initial assessment of the application, ensuring that all information has been received, followed by a full assessment and a full report on the application being produced.

We will write to you to tell you we have received your application and give you a reference number.

We will then carry out an initial assessment to see if you have given us all the necessary information and decide whether your project is eligible for funding.

If we need any more information we will contact you, but this may mean it takes us longer to reach a decision on whether we can give you a grant.

The final decision process is different depending on the size of grant you apply for.

Once we have made a decision, we will write to you to tell you what that decision is.

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