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7. Opening of the project

7. Opening of the project

7. Opening of the project
No matter the type of project that the FSIF has funded, it’s always evident that a lot of hard work has been put in by lots of people, often on a voluntary basis.

Clubs usually like to mark the successful conclusion of the project by holding an official opening event.

Read the press releases, view the opening photos and watch videos in the news articles below.



Opening ceremony

Please let us know the details of any opening ceremonies that are taking place for your project via our online form:


FSIF logo

Please download the Football Stadia Improvement Fund logo for publicity purposes, for example, you might like to display the FSIF logo on your club website. Your users should be able to click on the FSIF logo and it should take them to the FSIF website: www.fsif.co.uk.

The Football Stadia Improvement Fund brand mark has been specially drawn and must not be re-created or altered in any way.

To preserve the integrity and clarity of the brand, an exclusion zone has been established. No graphic or typographical elements should intrude this area. The exclusion zone is obtained and measured by a specific area (the width of the ball) which is to be applied to the top, bottom, left and right of the brand mark.

Should you wish to use the Football Stadia Improvement Fund logo for any publicity purpose, please send your artwork to Niall Malone for approval first.