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Funded by Premier League
Football League

Football League

The FSIF provides money for clubs in the Football League who want to improve their facilities for players, officials and spectators.

Grant limits

Football League clubs are eligible for:

  • a maximum £750,000 less any previous grants received from the Football Trust or FSIF at any time since 1990.
  • a maximum grant of 50% of eligible costs.


Clubs promoted from the National League to the Football League

A total of £200,000 of the FSIF annual budget will be ring-fenced each year to support the two clubs promoted from the National League to the Football League to cover the costs of required safety installations, such as computerised turnstiles, CCTV, stadium control rooms, etc.

If your club is being promoted from Step 1 into the Football League, you have 12 months after promotion to meet the Football League’s conditions for increased safe capacity at your ground.

Eligible projects

Applications from Football League clubs are considered on an individual basis with an emphasis on safety improvement projects.

Applying for funding

This area of the website is split into seven sections to provide support on every step of your project, from pre-application advice to the opening of your facilities. Use the navigation on the right to move between sections.

We recommend reading through all of the sections before proceeding with your project.

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