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Sporting boost for Sedbergh

Sporting boost for Sedbergh

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The Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF), supporters of the Football Foundation, and the largest funder of non league football in the country, today announced a grant of £49,621 to joint applicants Sedbergh People’s Hall and Sedbergh Wanderers FC.

This award will enable Sedbergh Wanderers FC to acquire new purpose built changing rooms for the home team and for a redevelopment of the visiting teams and officials changing rooms, to ensure current FA league standards are reached.

The facilities which are currently small and dated will be upgraded in quality and size, to provide more space and improved, modern conditions for players. As well as the players, these new facilities will also benefit the clubs visitors, game officials and spectators.

Funded with £6m each year from the Premier League, the FSIF is the country’s largest provider of grants towards projects that help improve the comfort and safety of lower league football grounds in both the professional and amateur game. These improvements range from new football stands and turnstiles to floodlighting and improved provision for disabled supporters.

Gina Barney, Hon Secretary, People's Hall said: "Everyone at Sedbergh Wanderers FC is extremely grateful for the funding received from the FSIF. The club has a long history and have been playing football in Sedbergh since the end of the 19th century. This grant sets them up for the 21st century."

 Peter McCormick, FSIF Chairman, said: “I am delighted that my colleagues and I have been able to award this grant to Sedbergh People’s Hall and Sedbergh Wanderers FC to allow them to redevelop their sports facilities.

“FSIF staff work hard to make sure that the funding that is generously provided by the Premier League each year goes as far as possible and benefits as many clubs and supporters as it possibly can.”

For more information contact:

Dr Gina Barney on 015396 20790

Harriet Drudge on 0845 345 4555 Ext: 4274 or harriet.drudge@footballfoundation.org.uk

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